Wednesday, 16 April 2014

NEW MUSIC: Charlie Barclay Webb - Get To Know Me

With his white boy swagger and Frankmusik-esque melodramatic vocal, Charlie Barclay Webb clearly has commercial success on his mind, but when it drives him to hooks and beats this epic and infectious, it's to be applauded and recognized. A grimey dubstep throb and trappy beat contrast CBW's silky tone and impressive range, and the commanding, almost regal chorus of "get to know me" makes it clear we have no choice in the matter. I expect to hear this guy on Radio 1 alarmingly soon.

FOR FANS OF: Alex Clare, Daley, Frankmusik

- Joe Copplestone, 16.04.14

NEW MUSIC: Betty Who - Slow Dancing EP

No sophomore slump here. Betty Who, the 21 year old Aussie synthpop sensation who's currently winning the hearts of all kinds of music fan worldwide, delivers the perfect kind of second EP - everything we loved about the first EP whilst showcasing more sides of Betty herself as well as countless pleasant surprises.

Slow Dancing, if this is at all possible, is more gleefully 80s than The Movement, stepping confidently out of the sharp Robyn mould, and injecting more life and even sex into proceedings. Check out the absurb but brilliant guitar solo in the funky Paula Abdul-meets-Katy-Perry/Soon-to-be-fan-favourite "Alone Again" and the sweet, burbling 80s Soul/R&B of irresistibly beautiful "Lovin' Start", surely perfect for the last dance at every 1980s prom ever.

Despite the slow-mo groove of "Lovin' Start", the EP's Slow Dancing title doesn't quite deliver what it suggests musically (thank god). However, lyrically and emotionally we hear Betty in a more confessional mood. Whilst previous songs like "High Society" and "Somebody Loves You" celebrated life and love, "Heartbreak Dream" laments a broken relationship, despite it's explosive pop exterior, and closer "Silas" is breathtaking and hypnotic; it's muffled guitar arpeggios and fragile, almost choral vocal could almost be mistaken for Daughter.

Yet to produce even one song that is anything less than show stopping, and now nine songs down the road, Betty Who could be well on her way to change the pop music world with one fell, debut album shaped, swoop. If she hasn't already.

FOR FANS OF: Robyn, Katy Perry, CHVRCHES

- Joe Copplestone, 16.04.14

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

NEW MUSIC: Autowrong - We Are Decay

Something a little 'odd'ictive for you today. Autowrong are from the midlands and that's all they're letting on, but their debut track "We are Decay" shows us a complex mix of electronica, alternative pop and house. A gritty vocal sample dances over foreboding basslines and a steady house beat, before a feathery female vocalist hiccups her way along a stream-of-consciousness vocal line. Unusual but strangely addictive, it's unsure what to expect next from these guys, but whatever it is is bound to be another riveting hybrid of sounds.

Follow Autowrong on SoundCloud below.

FOR FANS OF: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, R√∂yksopp, Bonobo 

- Joe Copplestone, 4.4.14

NEW MUSIC - LIZ - Say U Would

Initially a baffling addition to the Mad Decent rosta when she released the silky but over-produced R&B slow jam "XTC" last year, LIZ is now probably one of the most promising young artists on Diplo's label.

Having made a name for herself by dabbling in an array of 90s R&B stylings, LIZ's "Say U Would" is by far her sexiest and most seductive track since "XTC". Sparse, blissful keys are kept afloat by a jumpy hip hop beat as LIZ speak-sings her way through the 'dear diary' verses, as her harmonious acrobatic voice on the chorus recalls Aaliyah. And to reach this level of comparison so early in her career, when Aaliyah is almost certainly a huge inspiration on LIZ, is quite an achievement.

What's so great about LIZ is that with any other artist, this kind of R&B would sound outright pastiche and the wrong side of novelty in 2014. However, with LIZ, it sounds as fresh as if we were hearing these sounds for the very first time.

You can download "Say U Would", and the rest of her Just Like You EP, for FREE below on SoundCloud. My guess is that this will be her last free release, so snap it up boys and girls.

FOR FANS OF: Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey

- Joe Copplestone, 4.4.14

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NEW MUSIC: Syron - Three Dreams (feat. Horror Stories)

Syron's new identity as a raver and party girl is one that suits her girlish hiccup down to a T, in a way that Madonna's early 80s output suited her's. "Three Dreams", much like her glorious Tensnake collaboration "Mainline", has 1992 written all over it; a retro breakbeat coaxes out some long lost dance moves, as do the ravey synth stabs and hands-in-the-air vocal hook.

Follow Syron on SoundCloud below.

FOR FANS OF: Katy B, Little Mix

- Joe Copplestone, 25.02.14

NEW MUSIC: Salt Ashes - Somebody

22 year old Salt Ashes from Brighton, UK, manages to walk the fine line between hipster and just-good-fun pop music with ease. Her debut single "Somebody" sounds like Robyn and the Scissor Sisters engaged in a dance off as Goldfrapp sits aloof in the judges' chair. The track has a pulsating synthpop groove and Salt Ashes' vocal floats in a giddy falsetto before diving into sultry lower range, bringing to mind Alison Goldfrapp.

The "Somebody" EP is out now on iTunes.

FOR FANS OF: Goldfrapp, Robyn, Scissor Sisters

- Joe Copplestone, 25.02.14

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NEW MUSIC: Allie X - Catch

Canadian electropop singer Allie X has a corker of a debut single. "Catch" is the best song CHVRCHES never wrote, with a contorted Charli XCX-esque melody and biting chorus. There is always space for more mid-tempo electropop singers for UK bloggers to rave about and to give semi-crowded gigs to 17 year old girls and 27 year old gay men at XOYO in Shoreditch, so let's see what you got next, Ms X!


- Joe Copplestone, 18.02.14